Live it: Our Adventures in Wonderland

So a few weeks ago now, H, Myself and our group of nicely nutty friends spent a beautiful afternoon in Alexander Gardens, Windsor. All in aid of our lovely friend Queen Verity! she had requested our presence to celebrate her birthday, we were happy to oblige. 
It had been raining just a few hours before, we were all worried it would end up being a carpet picnic, but about an hour before picnic time the sun showed itself and we were all set to go. We wondered through the streets of Windsor in our outfits picnic baskets in hand, attracting the normal amount of attention. Arriving at the park to find two white rabbits and a dormouse awaiting us.

The amazing Kelly May had made V an amazing Wonderland themed cake. It was yummy!
Two layers of vanilla sponge and one of chocolate!

H and I, loving any excuse for dressing up went Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat....obviously!
I had been wanting to make a miniature copy of Mr Depp's Had Hatters hat from the Tim Burton film.
V's party gave me a perfect excuse to make it. I think it turned out pretty good.

Oh and this is Kelly dressed as a cupcake... I made this outfit for her. My fave bit to make was the Cherry headpiece, made from a poly ball and covered in glitter. She looked amazing!

Living it
Sammmy and H xxx

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