Live it: London Shopping haul

Biker Jacket
Shopping and a night out on the town, H and I love nothing better, So last Friday I took my favorite train journey to see my buddy and do just that. Our first stop was Miss Selfridge Oxford Street as H wanted a jacket she had seen... it is yummy, and half the price of the one she had seen in Oasis... Bonus!

We sauntered over the road to Zara, where I had seen a blazer to replace my now two sizes too big on from last year. Love buying new 'skinny clothes'. Not that I am skinny, but its nice to buy things in smaller than plus size now that I have lost some weight.

So after some High Street joy we moved on to Kingly Court, a gorgeous little courtyard shopping court just of Carnaby street. H had seen an ad for 'Collage Shop' a pop up shop for the students of London college of fashion so we popped by to take a look.

They had some gorgeous pieces. In window sat a beautiful pair of lace shoes, very Jimmy Choo. there were some amazing leather collars and a very heavy wooden block clutch bag. Totally worth a look if you are in the area.
We also popped in to a little craft shop called 'All the Fun of the Fair' cute name right!
I bought some Merino wool for some new wrist warmers.

After shopping ourselves out we headed back to H's flat to get ready for our evening of Burlesque!
Luckily we were not performing the dancing just watching.  We Went to Proud Cabaret , just round the corner from Fenchurch street station. It is amazing! It is in the basement of an office building and they have decked it out to look just like an club from the 1920's.
It is LUSH!! 
The burlesque dancers were Amazing and Beautiful, but I have to say that my favorite act of the night was Leah Debrincat, an tribal fusion belly dancer! I could not stop watching her, she was hypnotic!

Pictures courtesy of Proud cabaret

We had a lovely night and the food was great, I would totally recommend a visit. there were lots of hen party's and birthdays in on the night we went, it would be great for a celebration.

Living it up London style!
Sammy xxx

Love it: Fancy Moon

Ok, I own and run a fabric shop, you think that it would be a busman's holiday to search for fabrics elsewhere...but I Love Fabrics. We specialise in dress fabrics so when I find places that sell unusual crafting fabrics I get excited and a little bit jealous.... I wish we could stock it. My fave place at the moment is the online fabric boutique .

They have an amazing collection of retro, vintage and just plain gorgeous fabrics and patterns.
These are some of my favourites!

Love it!
Sammy xxx

Love it: Sticker sets

PrettyTape on etsy
The whole world seems to be pretty crazy at the moment. I am not surprised, I Love it! a gorgeous place you can go and search and buy amazing handmade gorgeousness form all over the world... what's not to love. My current obsession is stickers, I have collected stickers since I was a little girl and as an adult they still hold a special place in my heart these are some of my latest purchases.
 sugarbsupplies on etsy

papermintt on etsy

pop over to check out these lovely shops, they have a lot more to offer xxx

Love It.... Sammy xxx

Live it: Our Adventures in Wonderland

So a few weeks ago now, H, Myself and our group of nicely nutty friends spent a beautiful afternoon in Alexander Gardens, Windsor. All in aid of our lovely friend Queen Verity! she had requested our presence to celebrate her birthday, we were happy to oblige. 
It had been raining just a few hours before, we were all worried it would end up being a carpet picnic, but about an hour before picnic time the sun showed itself and we were all set to go. We wondered through the streets of Windsor in our outfits picnic baskets in hand, attracting the normal amount of attention. Arriving at the park to find two white rabbits and a dormouse awaiting us.

The amazing Kelly May had made V an amazing Wonderland themed cake. It was yummy!
Two layers of vanilla sponge and one of chocolate!

H and I, loving any excuse for dressing up went Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat....obviously!
I had been wanting to make a miniature copy of Mr Depp's Had Hatters hat from the Tim Burton film.
V's party gave me a perfect excuse to make it. I think it turned out pretty good.

Oh and this is Kelly dressed as a cupcake... I made this outfit for her. My fave bit to make was the Cherry headpiece, made from a poly ball and covered in glitter. She looked amazing!

Living it
Sammmy and H xxx

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