Live it Weekend

We are having a 'Live it' weekend!

So... My lovely Heather is, as we speak, enjoying the muddy goodness that is Glastonbury. I am expecting a post of epic proportions come next week. I however have a weekend of Asian Delights to enjoy.

My Tuesday lady's (by that I mean Azra who comes in to work in my shop on a Tuesday so my Mum can have a day off) Daughter is getting married on Sunday, I do love a good wedding! My Mum and I have been invited to the Mehndi Party on Friday as well. I am so excited to see all the amazing outfits and all the Henna painting, it promises to be a lovely evening.

Also soon I hope to show you a sneak peak in to my sewing room, I call it this, despite the fact that my sewing machine is currently taking residence on my dining room table, much to the annoyance of my long suffering Hubby (Love Him) I am Lucky enough to have a room in my home that I can call my very own. It houses my fabrics, my crafty goodies and my dressing table. So soon I will be giving a little tour in to one of the homes of Live it, Love it, Make it.

Hope you have a 'Live it' weekend too xx
Sammy xx