Adventures! I Lived it, Loved it and Made it at Glastonbury!

So this last weekend was all about us both Living it!  Samantha with her Photography and what an amazing day must have been had.

I however was knee deep (between Wednesday and Saturday anyway) in Mud! and this pleasure was in fact Glastonbury 2011, rather than a face pack!  Allthough with all the mud and the sheer scale of the Glastonbury site, it was rather good for keeping me fit! 

I was, I must admit a bit apprehensive at first about my first trip to Glastonbury!  I do not do well with not having a shower in the morning or a nice warm place to sleep, as like most of us.  But after all the rain, came the sun and the music throughout was AMAZING, which more than made up for it! 

The site had its own clubs and bars designed to look like tower blocks and derelict buildings or planes.  You could go into themed bars such as Fishy Tits which had water themed cocktails and a mermaid dancing.  There was so much effort put into the smaller details of the venues that it really made you feel in a totally different place than the usual Music Festival.

Most importantly there was a craft area, where I got to explore all manner of crafts.  You could blow glass; make copper pots, make your own jewellery, felting and much much more.  There was only so much time in the day and so I ended up painting a pot and making a flower head garland, to get into the spirit of Glastonbury.

You could go up to the stone circle and light a fire in the evening or check out the non stop music in the site.  Really, there was something for everyone and I came away really getting what people have loved about Glastonbury for 41 years!

Here are just some of the pictures that capture the spirit of the weekend!

The Famous Glastonbury sign in The Park area, who needs Hollywood hey!

An Iron Horse in the Greenfields Area

Record Breaking Twister attempt in The Circus area

Is everything a misplaced resource?

Sculptural Garden in The Craft area

Even the Sheep need wellies at Glastonbury!

The sun sets over Glastonbury for another year!

Live it Love it Make it