Love it: The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts 2011

One thing that I love to do is go to the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts every year and today with my recovery day after Glastonbury I thought it would the perfect time to go for a little wander.

Every year people from across the country apply for their work to be in the show and some get the chance to be selected to hang their work alongside some famous artists.  My favourties are always the Photography and Architectural model rooms which show the different sides of art as just a painting form.  The architectural models did not disspoint this year, although I felt that they had been squashed into a small room.  There was not as much photography that has been previously, but I guess that as each year is curated by different Royal Academians, then they each have their own idea of art.

I also saw that some of the work that doesn't get selected, gets a second chance at a gallery over near Waterloo, so that might well be my next port of call!

Live it!

Adventures! I Lived it, Loved it and Made it at Glastonbury!

So this last weekend was all about us both Living it!  Samantha with her Photography and what an amazing day must have been had.

I however was knee deep (between Wednesday and Saturday anyway) in Mud! and this pleasure was in fact Glastonbury 2011, rather than a face pack!  Allthough with all the mud and the sheer scale of the Glastonbury site, it was rather good for keeping me fit! 

I was, I must admit a bit apprehensive at first about my first trip to Glastonbury!  I do not do well with not having a shower in the morning or a nice warm place to sleep, as like most of us.  But after all the rain, came the sun and the music throughout was AMAZING, which more than made up for it! 

The site had its own clubs and bars designed to look like tower blocks and derelict buildings or planes.  You could go into themed bars such as Fishy Tits which had water themed cocktails and a mermaid dancing.  There was so much effort put into the smaller details of the venues that it really made you feel in a totally different place than the usual Music Festival.

Most importantly there was a craft area, where I got to explore all manner of crafts.  You could blow glass; make copper pots, make your own jewellery, felting and much much more.  There was only so much time in the day and so I ended up painting a pot and making a flower head garland, to get into the spirit of Glastonbury.

You could go up to the stone circle and light a fire in the evening or check out the non stop music in the site.  Really, there was something for everyone and I came away really getting what people have loved about Glastonbury for 41 years!

Here are just some of the pictures that capture the spirit of the weekend!

The Famous Glastonbury sign in The Park area, who needs Hollywood hey!

An Iron Horse in the Greenfields Area

Record Breaking Twister attempt in The Circus area

Is everything a misplaced resource?

Sculptural Garden in The Craft area

Even the Sheep need wellies at Glastonbury!

The sun sets over Glastonbury for another year!

Live it Love it Make it

Live it Weekend

We are having a 'Live it' weekend!

So... My lovely Heather is, as we speak, enjoying the muddy goodness that is Glastonbury. I am expecting a post of epic proportions come next week. I however have a weekend of Asian Delights to enjoy.

My Tuesday lady's (by that I mean Azra who comes in to work in my shop on a Tuesday so my Mum can have a day off) Daughter is getting married on Sunday, I do love a good wedding! My Mum and I have been invited to the Mehndi Party on Friday as well. I am so excited to see all the amazing outfits and all the Henna painting, it promises to be a lovely evening.

Also soon I hope to show you a sneak peak in to my sewing room, I call it this, despite the fact that my sewing machine is currently taking residence on my dining room table, much to the annoyance of my long suffering Hubby (Love Him) I am Lucky enough to have a room in my home that I can call my very own. It houses my fabrics, my crafty goodies and my dressing table. So soon I will be giving a little tour in to one of the homes of Live it, Love it, Make it.

Hope you have a 'Live it' weekend too xx
Sammy xx

Live it. Love it. Make it...... with us!

Hi there, so firstly welcome to our blog. 

We should introduce ourselves, we are Heather and Samantha if we are out for tea or H and Sam if we are in the pub.  After meeting on our first day of college and then following many many years of being creative and loving all things artistic, we decided that it might be a great idea to share our likes, loves and makes with all you lovely people out there.

We considered writing a book but we thought that was a little 19th century..... And how could we update it when we found new goodies (this happens alot)... it would turn into a weekly magazine (without articles about any Z list's marital affairs of course)..... So we decided a blog was a super fancy pants idea!

Now, don't get us wrong, this is by no means intended to be a ‘how to guide’ to becoming a creative/domestic/fashion goddess (delete as you will) or way to live your life, because let’s face it, these 'guides' look pretty adoring on our coffee tables, but I don’t know about you, that’s as far as they come to being useful for us in the real world.

Our blog is just about what we LOVE and we wanna share it with you, we would like encourage you guys to use your own skills, whatever they may be, to try perhaps to do things a little differently every now and again.  It could be exploring a new place, trying to create something special or finding out an interesting titbit that you never knew before, but you know what, we hope it’s going to be hell of a lot of fun along and way!

As we both are in different places, geographically and in our lives (in some respects), we love to meet up and like most girls, we SHOP and of course eat gorgeous food!  But I think the main difference is that we are always looking at things a little differently, things that we could make rather than just buying. (Sam always gets me in a Haberdashery/craft shop at some point, no matter where we are!)

So here we are, the start of something hopefully special, so keep an eye on what we are up to and let us know if there is anywhere we should check out, I (H) do LOVE to explore!

Heather (me) and Samantha (and me)

Live it . Love it . Make it