OMG! We are in an Actual Book

So, spoiler alert in the title there. This month the newest addition to the Mollie Makes book library is published and we were invited to create two exclusive projects to be featured. Alongside, some of our industry buddies we have two projects featured in Mollie Makes - How to Sew.  Goals right there people, goals!

The big goal of writing our own book is still up there but being featured in such a gorgeous book and working with the lovely guys over at Pavilion was a really fun way to dip our feet in the waters of what it takes to be published. Oh and OMG, our are faces are actually on Amazon! One of our pages is the 'look inside' page! Just us that are geeking out over that then, maybe!

If you had told us six years ago that in one month we would have tutorials in two magazines, a book-zine and a book we would have laughed and told you to keep dreaming. This blog was never meant to be anything but a hobby for us, it isn't a business, we don't earn a wage from it at all. It is our baby and we love it but we both have day jobs that we are passionate about too.
We started out wanting a place to share and we are so lucky that we have been able to do that. We hope that we can continue to share with you all, without your friendship and support, things like this just wouldn't be possible.
Having taken it a little slower over the last six months we have been stocking up ideas and plans for the future and can't wait to have you all be a part of it with us.

Grab your own copy of Mollie Makes How to Sew, on Amazon now and if you don't already get Mollie Makes - there is a subscription link in our sidebar for you.

H and Sammy xxx

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Simple No-sew Pen roll

Hey there and for some of you welcome to the summer holidays!  I hear all the teachers breathe a sign of relief and the parents start with the 'what do you do on those rainy days?' thoughts.  Well hopefully we can help over the summer.  We know that less of you are inclined to be checking out the blog in August, but hopefully we can give you a few smaller projects that you can do alone or with the kids to keep you going, whether they are yours or you are helping to look after them.

What better place to start than with something that could be super useful for adults and children whilst travelling around this summer.  This No-sew pen roll, could be used for pencils, brushes or even the children's favourite twig collection over the summer - we all know they love a good collection!  This project should take you less than half an hour to make and with a little drying time, you can be using it later the very same day, so lets get started ...

You will need: 40 x 22cm felt, 52 x 46cm cotton fabric, ribbon (forgot to photograph - oops), sharpie/fabric pen, scissors, ruler/tape measure, fabric glue, pens/items to put in your roll.

Step 1: Cut your felt into the right size and using a ruler/tape measure mark on one side your two sets of marks which will be for your pens to go through.  The marks I made were 1cm in length every 2.5cm along the length of the felt.  The first set of marks were 9cm up the short edge and then I drew another set 4cm up from there.  Note: if your pens are longer/shorter/fatter you may need to scale up or down the fabrics/marks accordingly.  Also - check out this really old long ruler I have from my parents - good old WHSmith - its so super useful. - #notspon

Step 2: Cut each of the marks by folding over the felt to make it easier.  Also, these marks will be hidden later so don't worry about them being obvious.

Step 3: Cut your cotton fabric to size above and then check your sizing by folding over the edges so that this fabric will be slightly larger than the felt piece when put together.  Start to glue down the edges when you have the correct sizing.

Step 4: When it comes to the corners of the fabric, fold over to neat corners like you would do if you were covering a book - do you remember having to cover your books at school?  It was always going to come in useful later in life!  Glue the corners down when you have a nice neat edge.

Step 5:  Add glue to your felt on the side of all your marks, so that they will be nicely hidden from view.  Make sure you glue around the edges and not all over as otherwise your pens will not fit into the pen roll.

Step 6:  Check your sizing and that the glue has not attached to the wrong parts , by adding your pens.

Step 7: Roll your pens over to make sure it rolls neatly and you can see the size to check it is correct.

Step 8: Cut some ribbon that wraps around your roll with some spare for tying up around the front. Lay the ribbon down behind the roll so that it is in the middle.

Step 9:  Hold onto the ribbon and flip the roll over so that you are able to glue the ribbon in place.  Leave all the glue to dry properly before using it and voilĂ  you are done.
This would make a great project to do with the children as well.  The felt makes it really easy to cut and not fray whilst you are using it.  You could also add felt to the back for ease and use less strong glue for the children - something like copydex would work.  It would need to dry for a little longer, but still look just as great.
I have been practising my brush lettering after doing a workshop at Craftacular with the lovely Rebecca from Betty Etiquette and so this pen roll will come in handy to take my pens with me for any adventures I am off on this summer.  Or just to look pretty on my desk.  The best thing about this project is that you can customise it with any fabrics of choice and its quick and simple to make - what's not to love!

Where are you off in the summer, will you be taking some art materials with you?

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Creative Meet-ups

Recently there has become a bit of a trend to meet-up with other creatives like you for some good old fashioned down time - and we like it. One thing that most creatives do is work by themselves a large part of the time.  They might be full-time working from home or doing a side-line hustle in creating their dream career, but whatever it is, they will most likely need to have a chat with some like-minded people along the way.

Now that's not to say that all creative people need other creative friends all of the time, but sometimes they just get it, that little bit more.  They know how you feel when you wake up in the morning with a brilliant idea and scribble it down in a notebook, or get the fear every time you put out a new product or blog post.  They even get it when you want to document your life through Instagram and it be fun, but then worry your not posting at the right time or interesting to other people, because well, the algorithm!

It is also great to have some downtime away from all the things, but be around like minded people who can help your brain weed through all the stuff and get some sense from discussing it.  Sometimes.  Or just realising by saying it out loud that it just really isn't going to work.

Then, there is the pure fact that we all like to surround ourselves with lovely people and so why not have a meet-up with some of those lovely people.  The ones that usually send you positive vibes in your phone are going to be just as lovely in real life.  We had the pleasure of a little meet-up with the lovely Claire from Claireabellemakes and Kate from DaphneRosa in Cambridge last weekend and it was great to chat creative life as well as just plain the normal stuff and a little random along the way.

We all have the friends that are best at certain aspects of our life, the one you go out out with, the one you tell your deepest thoughts, the one you would watch Pitch perfect with and also there are the ones who you talk creative life stuff with.  I am lucky in that most of these things I get to do with Sammy as my bestie, but we also like to chat to other like-minded people too, I mean we like each other but sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts too.

Who do you like to hang out with for creative joy?  We love catching up with other people at events, so do give us a holla if you see us!   Do you guys ever need a good old catch-up with like-minded people or do you love the escapism of having friends who do the exact opposite of what you do - we love this too.  Aren't we allowed to have it all??? he he.

H, xxx

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New in Handmade June

Here is your monthly round up of all the gorgeous handmade loveliness that has taken our fancy this month. We are lusting hard for these new offerings from our fave designer makers and this month we have some new additions to the maker party as well as new goodies from our mates.

I am just smitten with the gorgeous subtle colours that Sophie uses for her Embroideries by Junk and Glitter which are now available to be personalised with your choice of initial too! Lush!  Talking of embroidery you need to check out Hello Hooray brand new Etsy Shop, it is filled with fun, colourful hoop designs and an epic pattern to have a go at yourself. If you are off to a festival this summer you need to head over to check out some of the jewellery in Mels Etsy Shop I particularly like this Tassel Necklace by Little Gems by Mel but I also love her wrap bracelets too.  I have shared Sarah's 'Spread the Love' hearts on toast pin before but there are new additions to the toast brooch family including everyone's fave Avocado Toast! Brooch by Rock Cakes. I am loving all the fun patches coming out at the moment, it makes me feel like a girl guide again. Kim's Pads Before Lads Patch by Finest Imaginary is right at the top of my wishlist, you know how important my fur babies are to me. You also may know both H and I are acrylic jewellery fans and I am a big fan of this awesome Unicorn Necklace by Miroo who is also a new to me find! Last but not least my pic of the pins this month are of course these epic Planner Pins by Claireabellemakes!! This amazing spinning Crafty Decision Pin by Fickle Craft Room and obviously Mint Icosahedron Pin by Geo Heaven.

If you fancy a crafty read, head over to check out how Rachel got on with her 30 Create challenge on and see how she got on with her 30 before 30 challenge. Well done Rachel!

Phew! I hope that is enough to keep you going for another month.

If you are a designer maker and want to have your newest goodies in next months post get in touch and we will add you to our facebook group.

Sammy xxx

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Quick DIY's for Dad

Mini Trophies by // DIY medals by  //  Doughnut cake and topper by  //  Kids Wall Art by         

How cute are these Dad's day treats, any father would be happy to receive these hand-crafted gifts this Sunday. You know we love adding a personal touch to our DIY's and these all have multiple ways to make each one special to your father figure.

These two are my particular favourites though, these cookies are so fun, and you could spell out any word you like, also a great one to do with the kids and let them decorate them. This adorable embroidered letter is just so sweet, a simplified version using your little one's handwriting with a simple 'I love you Dad' would be quicker to stitch up in a hurry but have just as much sentiment.

Rad Dad cookies by  //  Stitched Note by

What do you have planned for the weekend? We are off to spend some quality time with our Dads, hope you get to do the same.

Sammy xxx

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Let's Talk about: Now Blog Conference

Well, hello there! and how are you doing this week?  It has been a bit of a slog over the last few weeks for us with the weather and just time!  Where do the days go I want to know!  I thought that all this extra daylight should help make it feel like there are extra hours in the day, not so much!  

Anyway, that's not really what we are here to talk about, what we wanted to chat about was the NOW Blog Conference coming the way for everyone north of Watford Gap! ha ha.  The Lovely Nicolette from Archie and the Rug and Kimberley from Swoon Worthy with their team of helpers are bringing the wonderful world of blog conferences to all those up North and anyone else who fancies trying out somewhere different to London.

The Venue chosen for the weekend is Victoria Baths in Manchester which is just up the road from the Whitworth Art Gallery - I think I might well find myself there at some point in the weekend!  As if I need any more art gallery in my life! ha ha.  The venue is beautiful, full of Victorian features and green tiles - I do love tiles.   Also, I am super into going to give Manchester all the love after what happened a few weeks ago.

But enough about the interior stuff, what you really want to know is who is going to be speaking!  Well, just this little lot that's who: Sophie Robinson - TV personality & Interior Designer, Emma Chapman and Trey George from A Beautiful Mess - as if you don't know who they are! Igor & Judith from Urban Jungle Bloggers - bloggers and friends who just love plants, Carole Poirot - a Stylist and Photographer and finally but by no means least, Jen Stanbrook - a blogger and Pinterest expert.  Phew!  that should keep us going for a couple of days.

Alongside this, there will be brands to meet, workshops to try out and of course lots of other creative bloggers to chat to.  So a full on Friday to Sunday plan!  Maybe that trip to the Whitworth will have to wait till the Monday!

We are really excited to be going to the event, with our trusty notebooks and planners in hand.  We are also planning to take some secret new things with us, so watch out for announcements on those.  We can't wait to hear what advice and passion we can gleam from other people to enthuse us to make our 6th year of blogging this year into more and more years.

You can pick up tickets for the event over on the NOW Blog Conference Website, which there are still some Early bird tickets left for £90 for the whole weekend! oh yes!

Let us know if you are going to be there, so we can say hello!

H, xxx

Disclaimer: We have been given free tickets to this event and been asked to publisise it, but have not been asked to write anything we do not feel that is true to what we know.  We are really looking forward to this event and will write an honest and open review after the conference.

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