Monday, 28 July 2014

Foodie July in Instagrams

It has been one fun packed and busy July for both of us, but I will leave what Sammy has been up to, to her.

It has been a blur of hen parties and fun filled days which is always great for the summer months and I got to tick off one of my summer wishlist too, with a visit to the RA Summer show yesterday.

Wherever I have been this month though, I have had lots of food and a few drinks too.  From fish and chips on Brighton pier, cocktails in a teacup and Lemonade in a jar, to seeing a massive Magnum at Summer Streets on Regent Street, London - I can only dream it was a real massive Ice cream.

I think I might need to go for a few extra swims in August!


Friday, 25 July 2014

UK Craft Blogs #3

Another instalment of 'Our Favourite UK Craft Bloggers' for you today. I am writing to you today from sunny Austria, where I have been catching up on some blog reading as well as sightseeing, photography and a lot of relaxing. Don't forget to head over to these lovelies and say Hi and let us know your favourites in the comments below.

Miss Jojangles
Possibly the sweetest blogger we know. We fell in love with her whimsical life on her blog and even more so when we met her at Blogtacular earlier this year. We love her illustrations more than anything and we can't wait to see what's next for Jojo.

New Craft Society
We owe our trip to Liberty to these gorgeous girls (we are forever in their debt) and just adore their style, we can only dream of being this cool. Their attitude to crafts old and new is refreshing and their addiction to Liberty prints makes for some yummy crafty eye candy.

The Things She Makes
Jam packed with awesome tutorials, no faffy lifestyle stuff here, just pure unadulterated crafts... and we love it. Great for beginners and masters alike, great photos and easy to follow instructions make TTSM a brilliant place to visit on a rainy afternoon for a quick crafting fix.

I'm off to enjoy the last day here before we drive all the way home tomorrow (and the next day...)

Sammy xxx

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Love it:Our Summer Holiday Wishlists

Summer is in full swing and it is so nice to be able to get our super summery clothes that are normally reserved for holidays out from the depths of the wardrobe. A nice a excuse to sprinkle in a few new bits and pieces too of course. What are your favourite pieces that you have your eye on for your summer holidays??

Sammy & H xx

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Monday, 21 July 2014

10 things to do this summer


Now, you must by now know that I love a good list, I have lists everywhere, lists of lists and always thinking of new lists.  Maybe I am a list-oholic!  Anyway, I was having a think the other day of little adventures that would be good for the summer months and thought that I would share as they are things that could be fun for you to do also.  So, here is my 10 things to do this summer ....


1.  Go to an Exhibition - I am planning a visit to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London next weekend.  I have been going for the past 4 years and really love to go and check out the Architecture room and Photography particularly.  There are so many good exhibitions and museums to check out though, perhaps combine a visit to St Ives for the Tate or go to Margate for the Turner Contemporary if you don't fancy London in the heat. 

2.  Watch the sun go down somewhere.  It could be at the beach, at a bar, in your garden.  But take in that moment of the sun going down below the ground you can see - it's a beautiful thing to see for free, so, that's even better!

3.  Buy yourself something you would not normally wear, it could be that the colours are not what you would go for, or a completely different look you have been wanting to try.  But you might surprise yourself how going out of your comfort zone and choosing what you have always wanted to try, can be liberating.


4.  Watch a movie that reminds you of being a child.  It could be The Goonies or Labryinth or whatever you like, but it will remind you of fun times, simple times and also might make you wonder why you loved it so much when you can see every wire and cardboard cut out along the way.

5.  Visit a new town, go Day-tripping.  Where have you always wanted to go, take yourself off for the day with sandwiches and a drink to explore your area or further afield.  I have plenty of weddings to keep me going this year, but planning on exploring the areas I go to alongside the wedding nuptials.

6.  Plant it, grow it, eat it.  Fancy having a go at making something to eat with your fair hands?  You can pop something on your windowsill if you don't have a garden.  I fancy having a go at Chilli's as they are simple and even my non-green fingers must be able to give it a go!

7.  Make a new playlist of sounds that remind you of good times with friends.  All those old classics along with some new ones.  I would start with Wonderwall by Oasis, which reminds me of hanging out my friends in the summer after my GCSE's.


8.  Eat Fish and Chips on the beach, come rain or shine, you just have to sit on a beach somewhere and try to keep the seagulls from nicking your dinner!

9.  Make something from your Pinterest board.  You know you want to!  The list gets bigger and you never seem to get around to it.  Allow yourself to be creative, give yourself a couple of hours in an evening or a full day with friends and get creative.  Watch a bit of Man Vs Pin on You tube first to get you in the spirit.

10.  Stand in the rain - lets face it, we all know it's going to rain at some point this summer and usually when you are out in your flip flops and summer dress.  Go stand outside with the raindrops falling on your head, I love it, it really clears the head.  Then you can go and find the rainbow afterwards!  You never know, you might find a pot of gold at the end.

What do you think?  Do you have any others that I should add.  I hope to get most of these done this summer, a mission accomplished!  What would be on your list though?  Let us know in the comments below.


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Saturday, 19 July 2014

We are in Reloved Magazine!!!

Once again we are very excited this month to be featured in another magazine!  After our feature in Mollie Makes last month, we are in Reloved Magazine this month.  Two months on the trot means we are going to be sad next month to not be in a third.

Obviously you can go and buy the magazine, but we thought it might be good for you guys to get a sneak peek.  You may notice that we featured the clock on the blog before but it was a great time to make a full tutorial and get it in print aswell.

We even got a mention on the Reloved website for one of their favourite projects this month.

What do you guys think?  Do you read Reloved magazine?  You can get it from WHSmiths or larger Morrisons or even online if you like.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Make it: Neon Tassel Sandals

When I was online the other day dreaming of a trolley dash at Modcloth HQ I saw these Tassel Sandals and thought what a cool DIY they would make. If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love a bit of neon, So you can imagine how happy I was when I found these neon yellow sandals in NewLook and realised I could combine my love of all things neon and tassels in one yummy summer tutorial.

You will need: Sandals, embroidery thread (mine were by DMC), scissors, gold thread and tweeters

Start by making your tassels, take your embroidery thread and wrap it around two fingers about 10-12 times leaving a small gap between your fingers. Gently remove the coil of thread from you fingers. Take a small length of gold thread and loop it through the coil and tie a secure knot. Take a second length of thread and tie it around the outside of the coil pulling it into your tassel shape. Once you have tied that securely you can cut the loops at the bottom of your tassel.

Trim off the ends of the tassel until it looks even and is all the same length. Repeat these steps until you have made enough tassels for both your sandals. Take your tweezers and poke them through the strap of the sandal and pull one length of the tassel tie back through the strap. Secure it in place with a few knots. Turn over the strap and trim away any excess ends, you could add a touch of glue to the knots for security too. 

There you have it, the perfect pair of summery sandals ready for your holidays. The best thing about these is that the colour combinations are endless! Neon, pastels, brights, all one colour or a mix like these, they add a cute detail to any basic outfit.

I LOVE these they will be perfect for the Hen party I am heading for in Las Vegas next month. How are you wearing tassels this year? I am also loving tassel necklaces, I am off to make one of those to match...

Sammy xxx

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