1 Jul 2016

Life update July

Are you ready to look back at what was the month of June with us? Good, let's dive right in! 

29 Jun 2016

Sammy's Fabric Storage Makeover With Plastic Box Shop

I am eternally on the look out for effective storage solutions for my craft room. The one thing that always stumps me is my fabrics and dress patterns. No matter how much I de-stash and donate bits of my collection I can never seem to find the right fit for all my fabric.

27 Jun 2016

Let's Meet: Junk & Glitter

Hello and welcome back to Let's Meet.  We are freshly back from our holidays and of course we had a bumper pack of features for last month's Makers Month and so it feels good to get back to the routine.  Although of course we are busy planning our presentation for the Mollie makes awards for the Handmade Champion category!  eek. 

24 Jun 2016

Seven Days of Holiday Flatlay Roundup

If you missed our post before we went on holiday we set ourselves a little photo challenge. We had seven days away and we love flatlays so #7daysofflatlay was born.  Here is a quick round up of how we got on!

22 Jun 2016

We Are Mollie Makes Handmade Awards Finalists!!

You may have seen on social media but we wanted to share the good news here too, as the title suggests we have been shortlisted in the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards. We are up for Handmade Champion which, as you know, is so our bag!

20 Jun 2016

Whats on our desks

Sammy - As you are reading this H and I are actually away on holiday, so what's on my desk right now is a virgin mojito, a book and some factor 30! However before we jetted off to sunny Spain my desk was filled with planning for whilst I am away from work and all the things I need to do when I get back so I can leave my business and enjoy my holiday properly.


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