30 Mar 2015

Easter DIY's to try

Easter is nearly here and the School Holidays have begun which means I will be knee deep in PVA glue and craft materials for the next couple of weeks.  Which got me thinking of some other great DIY's out there that you could do, with your children, or just for yourself!

So, what better way to find some ideas, than through the beautiful world of Pinterest!  You can follow us here.

First up is this great idea for a bunny mask for your little ones, how cute will they look on Easter weekend looking for their eggs with this over their face!  Cuteness overload!

To the top right is this great tutorial for making foiled eggs for decorations.  We did an egg decoration workshop last year for Easter and that is definitely the last time I am blowing eggs (60 eggs later) - but this tutorial from good old Martha, has me thinking I might do a few this year.

Bottom left is a hair raising egg for Easter, sorry, couldn't resist!  Who didn't love sowing cress and watching it grow when you were a child, now it's time to reinvent your youth and get some of your eggs having a bit of a do for the Easter weekend with these Eggheads.

For the last one, it's another version of something I have made at work - these are not mine though.  These Peg Eggs are so cool and you could do any kind of opening and closing characters, we made sharks and monsters for ours last year.  But with the Easter theme, maybe bunnies or children eating eggs inside?

So, which one would you make first?  I am making some super cool peg superheroes for one of my workshops at The Lightbox this year and I am very excited for it, it lands on my birthday, what a way to spend the day hey!

What do you think?  Can you see which superhero they all are?

P.S.  Photos are not our own, they have been taken from the websites linked within the post.

27 Mar 2015

March Favourites

Bye March, Hello April, when did you creep up on us? 

Skincare is not normally something we share here but I just had to mention some beauty products I have been loving this month. Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser and Origins Original Skin Serum have been my go-to skin products. I have been using Liz Earle for a while, but the serum is a new addition and I am so happy I picked it up. I have middle aged problem skin and I have found these two are the best combination for keeping my skin as clear as can be.

Another thing that has been helping my skin in this spring weather is drinking lots of water, Something I have not always been very good at. But since investing in a Bobble Jug and Water Bottle it has been so much easier. The bottle filters tap water as you drink it and isn't that the cutest water filter jug you have ever seen. They come in loads of colours too, I have a blue set for home and working out and a pink bottle at work.

My fave Etsy shop this month is Strangely Yours. I am obsessed with this Camera Locket and I love the unique Wedding guest books. I love how detailed and cute her items are.

I am starting a collection of these yummy Accessorize Wallets I can never find them online, but they always have lots when I go in store and they come in loads of awesome colours.

We got sent some Hope and Greenwood treats recently and oh my! They are yummy, the packaging is super cute, vintage style so makes for awesome gifts. I have already put an order in for Easter treats for all our family. My fave was the Butter Almond Crunch, just like eating giant chunks of Daim bar.

What have you been loving this March? Link to your monthly favourites in the comments below

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

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25 Mar 2015

Make it: Liberty Print Button Rings

A really lovely way to jazz up an outfit is to add a colourful accessory, what better to add a little spring in your step than to pop on a jazzy ring. These are made with cover buttons and Liberty print fabric scraps. They are super easy and you can personalise them to give them as really thoughtful gifts. 

You will need: Cover buttons (I used 29mm and 22mm metal ones) fabric scraps, thread, scissors, a ring blank, jewellery glue, a button maker (optional) and some old broken earrings or charms. 

Start by removing the shank from the front of the cover button with a pair of pliers. Cut your fabric scrap to fit around your button front (there is usually a guide on the packet, I just estimated). Then stitch all the way around the edge of your circle. 


At this point you can pop your fabric and button into your button maker. This helps to smooth out the fabric evenly and makes it easier to pop the back on place, but you can do that without the maker. You need to pull the fabric up around the back of the button and trim away the thread, before pushing the back firmly in place. 

Once the back is on, you can pop the button out of the maker and you have a flat backed cover button. Turn it over and squidge a blob of glue on the back and pop your ring back in place. 

Once your glue is dry, I use a roll of Washi tape to support the ring so I can glue on a charm. You can use cutting pliers to take the post off the back of an old earring, or the loop off a charm to glue to the front. This is great for personalising your ring, you can use any little charm and it is great if, like me, you have lots of odd earrings to make use of. Leave it to dry overnight and then your ring is ready to wear or gift to a friend.

I love this little bicycle one... 

And this little bird one is so cute, think I'm going to have to keep that one! 

You can use any fabric you like, just make sure the print is small to make the most of it on the small area of the button. There are loads of ways to get a hold of charms and earrings if you don't have any lying around. I like the sales at New Look, Claire's, and Accessorize to pick up those cards of multi odd stud earrings, they work wonderfully for these projects. 


What little personal charm would you add to yours?? 
Sammy xxx. 

We would love to see if you have a go at these. Like with all our DIY's if you do, take a pic and share it with us on Twitter or instagram with the hashtag #livelovemake

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23 Mar 2015

March Food Roundup

This month has seen spring hit and my desire for some new foods.  I am always about eating a bit healthier and I tend to stick to the same old food's I already know how to make, I'm just not very adventurous in the kitchen.

With Masterchef also giving me a bit of inspiration - anyone else love that programme?  I thought I would buy a few new ingredients and make this little lot.  These are not my versions, these are from the websites where you can find the recipes.

So, from top left, we have Iced Jems Vegan Chocolate and Banana cupcakes, who doesn't love a dairy free cupcake!

Next, I saw this Farfalle Pasta with pancetta with peas recipe whilst browsing You tube the other day, the chef Gennaro Contaldo is hilarious and makes everything sound amazing!

Then there is Madeline Shaw's Vegetable Chilli Con Vegetables with Guacamole, which just looks super lovely and I really can't wait to make this one, that's tonight's job.

and, last but definitely not least is this Chia Seed and Coconut pudding which I had in Le Pain Quotidien the other week and have been dreaming about making it myself.  Made from cocount milk it tastes just like a pudding made with cream.

Everytime I do one of these roundups I get really hungry and today is no exception.  If only I bought the ingredients for lunch!


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20 Mar 2015

Love it: Sammy's March Wishlist

There is so much on my wishlist right now it is literally bursting with homewares and accessories I just had to share my spring inspirations with you. I am craving new trainers and I just adore these Vans which combine two of my fave things, Alice in Wonderland and Liberty fabric! This Jewellery box from Urban is just beautiful, it would make my collection look like a shop display. Whilst I was on their website I also found a yummy new sofa too, I might be on the lookout for something similar very soon. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx

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18 Mar 2015

Let's meet: hello DODO

This month's Let's meet is hello DODO, now if you have never heard of them, they do the most amazing screen prints on posters, T-shirts, badges and bags, phew.  So we had a little chat with Ali and Jam, the team behind hello DODO.

What was the first thing you remember making?
Ali: When I was a kid I went to Rainbows, Brownies AND Girl Guides (we lived in a village..) and so most of my early memories of making include lots of paper weaving, wreaths made from pine cones, polystyrene Easter chicks etc etc! My Mum still has many pieces of my ‘early work’ which come out every Christmas, including a little Santa climbing out of a toilet roll chimney!
Jam: The first thing I remember making was a New York Yankees pop up card in school. Which still baffles me as I’ve never watched baseball in my life! I remember being a bit addicted to trying all the different fiddly techniques. I settled on a 3 tier pop up with New York skyline, stadium and baseball player. I also remember in a science lesson I spotted a photo of some fireworks in a text book which I cut out and stuck in the background of the card! I felt a little bit bad but it made my card so much better!

How did you find your creative side?
Ali: I struggled for quite a long time with my creative side as I was rubbish at drawing and couldn’t sew a button but I was full of so many ideas! I was good at English so for a long time I just focused my creativity into writing but I wanted to be a visual person. At college I discovered photography which became my passion and later at uni when I met Jam I realised that I also loved graphic design and wanted to become a printmaker.
Jam: I’m sort of the opposite to Ali, I’ve always been a bit rubbish with words, be it writing, reading or sometimes even saying them! Instead I would tend to look at how cool each letter looked before I read the word. I guess this is how I stumbled across my love of creating graphics and typography.  

What has been your favourite ever make? Whether that be for your business or pleasure – tell us about it.
Our favourite make has got to be our Nice Lion screenprint! It’s one of our early designs and will probably always be our most popular. As a design it pretty much sums up hello DODO…it’s bright and fun, VERY silly but also clever at the same time. We really love a good animal pun and our Nice Lion ALWAYS gets the biggest reaction at fairs. We want to create work which makes people smile and he always does!

What are your favourite ways to stay inspired?
We try to visit lots of exhibitions but quite often most of our inspiration comes from everyday life or our favourite animals. We’re very lucky to live by the sea in Brighton which is HUGELY inspiring and we’re leaders in the Brighton Etsy Team, so we’re surrounded by incredible creative folk all the time.

Who are your favourite Designer/Makers right now?
Ooh that’s a tricky one! Our staple favourites are fellow Brighton Etsy makers designosaur (for the most AMAZING lasercut jewellery), I like Cats (for all things lovely and cat-shaped), Anna’s Drawing Room (for gorgeous handprinted homewares and bird and bug prints) and Rock Cakes who makes the most beautiful precious jewellery and who happened to make our wedding rings!

What crafty item is top of your wishlist?
Hmm…well it WAS a badge maker but we have one of those now! (and it’s AMAZING!) Ok, it sounds a bit boring but a heat curer would be INCREDIBLE! Currently all our t-shirts and tote bags are dry ironed for 5 minutes each to ensure that the ink is cured and washable. A heat curer would save us sooooo many hours of our time! We’ll feel like we’ve hit the big time when we finally get one…

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
We don’t have very many days off as there’s always screenprinting to be done, orders to pack or new designs to work on! In summer we spend a lot of time on the beach though, having BBQs with friends and sipping Pimms. We’re about to move into our first house (complete with separate studio room!) though so all of our spare time from now on will be filled with DIY and decorating!

Tell us a bit about what you have coming up?  any little projects you want to tell us about
We have LOTS of exciting things coming up! We’re launching some brand new products which we’re keeping under our hat for now…but over the years they’ve been requested MANY times! We have a whole new collection of designs coming out also…LOTS more animals and puns! (yep, we haven’t run out of those yet). We’re also going to be exhibiting at Pick Me Up (the graphic arts festival at Somerset House) with Best in April. This is ALL of our DODO dreams coming true as the first ever Pick Me Up was one of the main catalysts which made us learn how to screenprint and start hello DODO in the first place. It’s going to be an exciting year!
So much going on for hello DODO and everytime H sees that Lion Print, its difficult to leave it behind.  Maybe at the next show! ha, ha.  What do you think to hello DODO's work? We are super fans as you can tell.

H & Sammy

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