17 Jan 2017

Make it: Disney inspired Mouse Ears

Our first tutorial of 2017 and its a nice simple one to get you back into the swing of things.  It also is inspired by all the Disney adventures I saw over the last few months of 2016.  Clearly Disney is still the place to go and so why not make your own ears, for your own adventures or even just to wear around the house!

9 Jan 2017

Live it: Places and Spaces - The Design Museum

Something a little bit different for you today.  I wanted to share some places and spaces that either mean something to me, inspire me or relax me, so that maybe they might do the same for you, or we can share spaces and see what makes us more us.

The Design Museum has always been a favourite of mine and when the opportunity to work in collaboration with them for my Masters came up over ten years ago, I jumped at it.  It has just moved from its Shad Thames roots to its new home at the old Commonwealth building in High Street Kensington.  This had always been a favourite building of mine, since when I used to get the number 9 bus passed it when I used to live in Hammersmith.  I am so glad that the building is in use again and even better that it now houses one of my favourite museums.

When you walk in, it certainly makes you look up!  There is so much space!  Lots of open walkways and seating for visitors to sit up and stare.  Which is what I did!  There are some paying exhibition spaces and a free space that takes you through the story of design. Some people think that design is not something that they are a part of, think about or that includes them, but as the Design Museum says itself 'Design is everywhere and continues to transform the lives of everyone around the world through the partnership between the designer, the maker and the user'.

From your bed you woke up in, to your bowl you had cereal in and the car you went to work in this morning, everything incorporates design.  Without it, nothing would be the way it is, whether ergonomically designed for comfort, or aesthetically pleasing for fun.

The beauty of the building itself really does make the most of the design in it though.  It sets the scene and makes you feel comfortable.  As a museum and gallery goer/worker I feel my most comfortable in these spaces, but the Design Museum certainly lends itself to feeling relaxed and thoughtful.  I could happily spend an hour or two sitting on the benches looking around and people watching.

Is there a favourite Museum or Gallery that you guys like?  Anywhere that always gives you inspiration?


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2 Jan 2017

Planners to try for 2017


We are back!  A nice long break for us, which included lots of family time and both of us getting ill!  So that's always nice, hence the slightly longer absence from you guys!

How are you?  Did you have lots of fun and enjoy eating your way through the fridge?

23 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas

So its Christmas, a time for feasting, families, friends and fun.  So we thought we would sign off for Christmas with a little picture from us to wish you all a happy time.
Also, if you haven't already, go take a look at our Pin Advent Calendar over on Instagram which showcases some amazing Pins from 2016.  If you don't get any of these for Christmas, then you can always cheer January up with some great Pin buying!
Looking forward to seeing what 2017 will bring, we have lots coming up in the pipeline and can't wait to share it all with you.
We hope you have an amazing Christmas doing whatever it is you want to do and have a very Happy new Year!
We will be around on social media over the holidays, but for the blog, see you on the other-side!
H & Sammy, xxx

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16 Dec 2016

Gift Wrap I Want to Try

Debee Campos  //  Humphrey and Grace  //  Homey oh my  //  Fall For DIY

I don't know about you but I am a gift-wrap junkie, I always try and make the wrap as lovely as the gift inside. These cute DIY options are floating my boat for my Christmas wrapping this year. I love the printable wrap and the hand-tied fabric! I will definitely be using that for some of my gifts, let's face it, I have no shortage of fabric to choose from. If you need some more inspiration check out my Gift wrap 3 ways post.

Sammy xxx

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