Saturday, 19 April 2014

Happy Easter Weekend

Wishing you all a very happy Eater weekend.

Love H and Sammy xxx

Friday, 18 April 2014

Make it: Easter Bunny Ears DIY with Blooming Felt

Today we bring you a crafty classic DIY for your Easter weekend... Bunny Ears!

With the help of Blooming Felt we are going to show you how to whip up a pair for you to wear for lunch on Easter Sunday or Monday with your family. These would also be great if you are hosting an Easter egg hunt for your little family members like H and I are. Lets get to it!

You will need: Felt, Contrast fabric, a Sharpie or vanishing marker, glue, bondaweb, Wire, Scissors and a Hair band.

We started by bondawebing two sheets of felt together to make it stiffer, then we marked out our ear shapes on the felt.  Make sure you leave room for two tabs at the bottom of each ear shape to attach them to the band.  Cut out your ears. Next make two loops from your wire and glue them to the middle of your ears, this will mean you can bend them into cute expressions later.  Take your contrast fabric and draw around your felt ears.

Next, cut around the ear shapes you have drawn on the contrast fabric, cut a little inside the line so you will be able to see the felt around the edge, but make sure it will still cover the wire. Then glue the fabric down over the wire and leave it to dry.

Once your glue has dried, cut a slit into the tab you left at the bottom of each ear.  Pop a dab of glue onto one side and flap the other side over it at 90 degrees. Again wait for the glue to dry before the next step.

Take both ears and play around with the position. Once you like where they are going to sit on the band, glue them in place. 

There you have it, the perfect Easter accessory.

If you like my glitter ears they are in exactly the same way as H's blue ears using my fave glitter fabric as the contrast.

Hope you liked our version of this crafty classic? As always we would love to see if you have a go at these, if you do, take a quick pic and share it with us on Twitter @livelovemake or on Instagram @Sammytvr or @h_a_sketch don't forget the hashtag #livelovemake

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend, what are you up to, are you taking advantage of the long weekend by having a go at some crafts of your own??  Let us know in the comments what you are up to. We read every comment and reply to as many as we can. 

Sammy and H 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Who's Who: Designosaur

This month see's another of our finds at Renegade Craft Fair and who couldn't love Jewellery with dinosaurs!  So let's find out a bit more about them.

Who are you?

We are Jacques and Karli the CEO's, founders, designers and makers of designosaur.

What do you do?

We make fun, bright, brash, sometimes dinosaur inspired laser cut jewellery and screen printed tights. We hope that we are creating jewellery that stands out from the crowd and is exciting to wear. Everything we design, is hand drawn, laser cut and assembled by us.

How did you start?

Jacques and I both have Product Design degrees, in fact that's how we met. In the beginning Jacques started making children's mirrors for the laser cutters he was working at. There was one shiny Brachiosaurus which took my fancy, I held up to myself and suggested that it would look great as a GIANT necklace. I was so excited about it that Jacques made it into the very first designosaur necklace for me! I'm not really sure what happened between then and now, we didn't really plan to have a handmade business but it's great to be able to design and create everyday! We have so many ideas with very little time!

What's Next?

We have achieved so much over the last (nearly) two years. We have done craft fairs including Renegade London, a trade fair, we now have around 30 stockists and things just keep getting bigger and better! We would love to do one of the American Renegade Craft Fairs, have a Pop Up shop and continue to take over the world ;)

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the beginning?

Don't doubt yourself so much. I think this one still applies and although it is good to look at your work with a critical eye. I don't think we would have started our business if other people hadn't seen, and liked our designs right at the beginning.

We love these guys work, it's just nice to see fun and interesting jewellery out there.  One thing that H find's difficult is that she can't wear anything with nickel, so the plastic and wooden rings are great and the necklace chains can easily be replaced!  What do you guys think of designosaur?  Let us know in the comments below.

H & Sammy

Monday, 14 April 2014

Make it. Reusable Easter Pinatas with Blooming Felt

It's Easter, lets get crazy with some bright colours and egg shaped things, Yeh!! Traditionally Piñatas are covered in strips of fringed paper, but this means they are quite fragile, and you go to all that effort of cutting and sticking for it to be destroyed. So I thought if I made some in felt, I can use them over and over again. Plus they will look so cute on the centre of my dining table for Easter Sunday lunch.

You will need: Felta cardboard egg, glue, sharp scissors, ribbon, some chocolate goodies for inside.

Start by taking your felt sheet and cutting it into strips, it is best to do all the cutting before you start gluing. Cut your strips about 1'' wide. Next is to cut your fringe, cut up into each strip leaving about 1/4'' uncut at the top. Also cut yourself a small circle of felt to add to the very bottom of your egg, cut it in half so you have two semicircles. At this point you may want to try one of your chocolate eggs, you know, just to make sure they taste OK.

Once you have all your strips cut and fringed you can pop some glue onto one side of your egg, add your semicircle to the bottom. You may want to try just one more of those chocolates. 

Start layering up your fringe strips. trimming away as you go and making sure to overlap the layers by about 1/4''. 

Keep adding layers until you reach the top of the egg, munch on another chocolate egg, then repeat the steps to cover the second half.  You are then ready to add your ribbon, take some glue and stick it to the inside of one half of your egg.  Give yourself a little reward and eat another chocolate egg before you fill up your piñata with any that you have left. There you have it, an Easter gift that can be filled up year after year.

These were so fun to make and they look awesome... Although they may be empty before they make it to our dining table! I am going to have to find something else to fill them with before Sunday.
What would you put in yours??

Sammy xxx

We would love to see if you have a go at this. Like with all our DIY's if you do, take a picture and share it with us on Twitter or instagram with the hashtag #livelovemake

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Come craft with us: Jewellery 101

We will be doing our last regular class at Norden Farm, Maidenhead on Thursday 24 April and this one is all about learning how to make and repair your own Jewellery with our Jewellery 101 workshop.

As usual the class is £20 and is from 7-8.30pm in the evening and so the perfect excuse for a little relaxed time to learn a new skill.  As usual, all of the materials are supplied and so you don't have to remember a thing.  You can book your place here.

This workshop is for those of you who have always wanted to make your own jewellery or repair a beloved necklace yourself instead of costly repairs or it languishing in your drawer. Come down for our last craft club and join us for a starter session teaching you some basic jewellery techniques to make a pair of earrings and a bracelet from scratch.  

Looking forward to seeing you there.
H & Sammy

Friday, 11 April 2014

Make it. Applique April Showers Sweatshirt DIY

I love giving a new lease of life to old garments that I love that just need a little TLC. Using Bondaweb and some fabric scraps to create your own unique appliqué design is a great way to revive any old t-shirt or sweatshirt or usually in my case, to cover up an unsightly stain! 

I used an old sweatshirt that I had taken a motif off a while ago, it has been in the top of my wardrobe for ages and I thought it would be perfect for a little April shower update.

You will need: an old sweatshirt, Bondaweb/fuseable web, a fabric scrap, vanishing pen, scissors, an Iron, your sewing machine and a free embroidery (darning foot) or a needle and some embroidery thread. 

Start by ironing your bondaweb to your fabric scrap. Lay it face up over the area of the sweatshirt you want to cover. Use your vanishing pen to draw the shape you want onto your fabric. I drew a cloud and some raindrops. Keep lifting your fabric to make sure you are covering up the mess underneath. 

Once you are happy with your shapes cut them all out, if you want to keep them in the same position that you drew them in, lay them out on a flat area as you go.

Lay your sweatshirt out flat, peel off the backing paper from your bondaweb and place all your pieces down onto your jumper. Go in with your iron and press down firmly, then lift and move to the next section - you don't want to disturb your layout by running your iron back and forth. Now you are ready to stitch down your design.

I used my sewing machine and free embroidered around all the shapes multiple times, but you can easily hand stitch around your shapes with some decorative thread.  I would suggest that you do one or the other, in order to make the garment last longer, bondaweb is not strong enough on it's own to hold all the pieces on through the wash. Once you have stitched all your pieces in place go over and snip away any stray threads from the front and back of your design.

And there she is, an old sweatshirt with a new lease of life.

Sammy xxx

We would love to see if you have a go at this. Like with all our DIY's if you do, take a picture and share it with us on Twitter or instagram with the hashtag #livelovemake

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